Monday, August 4, 2014

A working vacation

I have arrived in Sointula (see upper right corner of above map of Vancouver Island), the site of the conference at which I gave a paper last September on 18th-century utopian thinking. Back then I fell in love with a cottage, which I have now rented for the month of August. I have three writing goals: a larger book on which I have been working for some time, and two book reviews, one of the last on a Goethe-period topic. My other reason for picking this location was the kayaking opportunities. Two days ago I also joined a dragon-boating group. So, I am hoping for a productive month. Below are some pictures of my new residence. (Click to enlarge.)

The cottage

View from balcony
Basil on the balcony

The kitchen: so much counter space compared to Manhattan!

Some essentials
More essentials

Another view of the cottage
And not to forget: my work space!

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