Thursday, May 12, 2011

Writers' rooms

I posted a couple of years ago (how time flies!) on writers at work, focusing on their environment. In connection with my recent posts on the exhibition "Rooms with a View" at the Met, a reader has asked if Emily Dickinson may have been influenced by such paintings.

Well, above is a photo of Emily's own "work space," a room with a view. I love the lack of clutter, something I wish I could emulate.

I have also come across this interesting painting by Georg Friedrich Kersting (well represented in the Met show) of Faust in his study. I had not seen it when I did my last post on the painting of the Werther-like figure by Kersting.

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Anonymous said...

Two very different sources of light in those representations--thank you for these and all the rest--yet it is, one gathers, "one" light after all. It is so strange. I'd been fleetingly wondering what it must have been like for writers who worked at night, writers through the centuries without electricity. Using wood-burning furnaces, if even that, for heat.