Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Goethe and China

Some day soon I want to post something about Goethe and Chinese literature, but for the next two weeks total focus on another subject is required. Last year, as chair of the Columbia University Seminar on 18th-Century European Culture, I held a series of talks on the historical origins of free speech in the 18th century. I have edited the papers of the participants in that series and am now writing the introduction to the proposed volume. Thus, the single-minded focus on a non-Goethe subject. "Goethetc," however, has become well known enough that it will soon be featured in the online Yareah magazine.

In lieu of a posting on Goethe and China, let me post some photos from our recent bike ride down to New York's Chinatown. Rick and I had planned to go to the Battery, but when we reached Canal Street he said, "let's go get some fish for dinner." There is a nice bike lane across Grand Street on which we traveled to Elizabeth Street, where Rick's favorite market is located.

He wanted to ride my bike.

Alligator legs

We finish our purchases

Rick helps move a car

The silver 10 Yuan Goethe coin at the top of the post was issued in 1992.

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