Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sointula Days

Bere Point, Malcolm Island, photo by Dan Herlihy
Although I have been here a month, it has not been particularly sunny, which means I have not taken many pictures. Finally, a week of sun, and I try to download my photos today –– without success. I don't know what this means, but it may mean I need a new camera. In the meantime, I will post photos that I have taken in the last month. Click to enlarge.

The first are from a short visit I made down island to visit my old friend Frieda Werden from University of Texas Press days. She now lives on Denman Island.

Morning stroll with Frieda on Denman beach

Found art on Denman Island

The Sixties live on on Denman

Cafe gone, but sign remains

Suzette gives moral instruction

The following are from Sointula, except for the photo at the top of this post, by local photographer Dan Herlihy. I plan to purchase it, so expect to see it in my apartment this fall.

Well-maintained Finnish house

Another lovely house

Poorly maintained house

Mitchell Bay house under construction
Goethe Girl (2nd right) on dragon boat crew

Grass cutting
Sunset in my window
Here is Sointula


Unknown said...

I see why you love it here. A complete change from New York. I didn't realize it was quite this rustic. I see that your bay is called Rough Bay, and from the first photo, it appears to live up to its name. Are there calm bays nearby where you can swim? All in all, it looks lovely. Enjoy!

Goethe Girl said...

The water is pretty cold, around 50 Fahrenheit, too cold for me, but I notice that kids that live around Rough Bay do go in the water. Ah, Canadians! Yesterday I read an essay on silence (by a Canadian, as a matter of fact; it was in the New England review), and I was struck anew at how noisy New York is. During the day, one occasionally hears buzz saws (wood cutting for firewood) and other small construction activity, but the evenings are wonderfully quiet and restful.