Saturday, July 18, 2015

Goethe in Chinese

This morning, while canvasing the internet for Goethe images, I came across an article in the Global Times (scroll down to read) dated March 15, 2015, with the following report: "A specialist team at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) will translate the complete works of German writer Johann Wolfgan von Goethe into Chinese.

 All of Goethe's novels, poetry, dramas, memoirs, autobiography, letters, diaries, treatises and literary and aesthetic criticism will be translated into 40 to 50 books containing around 30 million Chinese characters. 

I have not yet seen any reports in German newspapers. 歌德

According to the article, "one group of experts" will be responsible for the translations, including annotations, and will be under the direction of Wei Maoping, dean of SISU's School of Germanic Studies and the program's director. Here is a link to an interview with Professor Wei, who published in 1999 A History of Chinese Influence on German Literature. He is also an editor of the journal Literaturstraße.

"Goethe" in Chinese characters: 歌德

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