Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What would Adorno say?

I once asked Rick, who was more au current about pop culture and celebrities (he read, for instance, Page Six), what was the big deal about the Kardashians. His reply: big boobs, big butts. Okay. I sort of get it.

"Kim Kardashian is known for her pert derrière"
Bruce Jenner, once a major celebrity himself, also for his physical endowments, spent too many years in the estrogenic (word?) world of the Kardashian women. It would not be surprising if a full-blooded male absorbed a large dose of the sexual hormone from such an ambiance. Yet, perhaps he simply got tired of being overlooked and decided to go them one better. And he has done so. Has any of the Kardashian women been featured on the cover of Vanity Fair? Not to mention being taken seriously, for heaven's sake, by most of the media?

Two predictions:

1. Expect to see presentations at the MLA on Jenner. Indeed, I suspect papers are already being prepared or revised to reflect this new development in "gender" studies. The graphics will be thought-provoking.

2. Since Bruce has kept his Bruce-part, he has an  opportunity for a new incarnation. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Female First

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