Monday, May 11, 2015

Erinnerung an Schiller; addendum

Schiller and the Körners
This is belated, as Schiller's death occurred on May 9, but I was reminded this morning by mail from the Goethezeitportal, which included some nice images. I was also led to a site with which I was unfamiliar: Erinnerungen, devoted solely to Schiller.

Ich dachte mich selbst zu verlieren, und verliere nun einen Freund u in demselben die Hälfte meines Daseins.

ADDENDUM: Above I made note of a website devoted to Schiller. On looking more closely I discovered that the site, "Erinnerungen," is the title of a book by Gisela Seidel, which is subtitled Lebensrückblick in autobiographischer Form. Schiller never wrote an autobiography, but Ms. Seidel has improvised one. A review can be found at Goethezeit-Portal.

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