Saturday, November 1, 2008


Since I work at home, with occasional forays to the library, procrastination is always an issue. Of course,  I am always working on something; often, however, the thing I am working on has nothing to do with the one thing that most needs to be done. I guess this is avoidance. There is a new book on the subject, which I will not read since I have so much to do, but I enjoyed the interview (heard as a podcast on my iPod) with the two German writers, Kathrin Passig and Sascha Lobo, who were promoting the book at the Frankfurt Book Fair, recently ended. Passig is an interesting person, not only a web designer but also a writer. She was winner of last year's Ingeborg Bachman Prize with her story "Sie befinden sich hier" and is also the author of the intriguingly named Lexikon des Unwissens. Check out Sasch Lobo's hair here.

The interview was courtesy of one of my favorite sites, Das Literatur-Cafe. Wolfgang Tischer is the impresario, reporting on the literary goings-on in Germany with much flair and intelligence. Passig and Lobo's book on procrastination is called Dinge geregelt kriegen: ohne einen Funken Selbstdisziplin (Rowohlt), or "How to get things done, without an ounce of self-discipline." They call it an anti-self-help book. Check out their website, where they tell you why they have written it.

The cartoon above (click on it for a larger version) is from another favorite site, Harold's Planet, from which I receive daily a lovely message.

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