Thursday, August 7, 2008

Art Scene in Chelsea

P.S. (personal supervisor = husband Rick) and I like to go to the galleries in Chelsea, mostly to see the neat people. It's August, most of the galleries are closed (all the art types go to the Hamptons, after all), but two were open on our recent outing. Coincidentally or serendipitously, the election was the theme at both. Here was the scene at Amsterdam Whitney (, on West 25th in Chelsea:

and here was the artist himself, Guy Wilkins:

Next up was White Box gallery ( on West 26th, where these cool people were to be seen, including the impresario Amanda (third picture down), who told us that White Box would be moving to the Bowery in September.

The colorful eye-catching  window display gave some indication of what was in store:

Here was the scene when we arrived (no wonder this exhibition space is called "Six Feet Under"):

As per the sign ("Exit Poll Cocktail Toll"), you had the choice of being polled on various issues, including the crucial one:

Or the following one (in case you can't read it: "Would you like to see a history of the birthday gifts each candidate has given his wife?"):

What would your answer to the following supposedly indicate about your choice for president?

You displayed your response by taking a glass --


and filling it up with one of the colorful vodka drinks. Naturally, P.S. got into the spirit of things.

When finished, you place your empty glass on one side or the other. (So relieved that no New Yorkers voted to join the EU!)

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